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  • When take Mobic pills is a pathological enlargement of the nasopharyngeal tonsil, this disease in medicine is called hypertrophy of the adenoids, and with their inflammation - adenoiditis.
  • Increase and inflammation of the adenoids occurs in children aged 3-10 years, according to statistics, 5-8% of children suffer from this ailment, and both girls and boys with the same frequency.
  • With age, the incidence decreases, sometimes this disease occurs in adults, but much less often. If adenoids appear in children, the symptoms can be determined by the difficulty of free breathing through the nose, the child often starts to get sick with colds and viral diseases, snore at night, the voice becomes nasal, often there is otitis media, developmental delay, malocclusion, slurred speech, hearing impairment.
  • Even in the field of surgical removal of the adenoids, their re-growth is possible.
  • The nasopharyngeal tonsil - adenoids, enter the pharyngeal ring and are located at the junction of the pharynx and nose. In adults, adenoids are most often tiny or atrophy altogether.

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Meloxicam lymphoid formations are very well developed, since the fragile immune system in childhood functions with increased stress, trying to respond as much as possible to the attacks of all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Through the nasopharynx, a great many different pathogenic microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, fungi penetrate into the human body along with air, food, water, and the nasopharyngeal tonsil prevents their deep penetration and protects against the reproduction of microbes in the respiratory tract.

This deviation is due to a lymphatic-hypoplastic anomaly of the constitution, that is, disturbances in the structure of the lymphatic and endocrine systems. Therefore, with such a pathology, a decrease in the function of Meloxicam gland is often manifested, then, in addition to adenoids in children, the symptoms are supplemented by lethargy, edema, apathy and a tendency to be overweight.

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The reasons for the appearance of adenoids in children. The proliferation of Meloxicam in children is facilitated by: Hereditary predisposition. in a child, to the proliferation of the nasopharyngeal tonsil, to this immune pathology, which is also called lymphatic diathesis or lymphatism.

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Doctors also see the cause of adenoids in children in the birth trauma of the baby, pathological pregnancy, fetal hypoxia or asphyxia during childbirth. And it is also important what was the 1st trimester of pregnancy in the mother, especially unfavorable are the viral diseases transferred by the mother during the period of 7-9 weeks of pregnancy, the intake of antibiotics, toxic drugs at any period of bearing the baby.

Pathology of pregnancy and childbirth. Feeding, vaccinations, diseases. Also, an effect on the increase in adenoids in children is exerted by the nature of feeding an infant, vaccinations and various diseases at an early age, as well as overeating and abuse of sweet and chemicalized foods.

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Against the background of childhood infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, measles (see symptoms of measles in children), whooping cough, diphtheria, secondary inflammation and the growth of adenoids in a child are possible.  

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Frequent acute respiratory viral infections and other viruses, contamination of adenoids with various pathogenic bacteria have a toxic effect on adenoids. The presence of allergic reactions in the family history and in the child in particular. Immunodeficiency state in a child.   

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The general unfavorable environmental situation in the place of residence is polluted, gassed, dusty air, an abundance of household chemicals in the house, low-quality furniture and plastic toxic products in everyday life.

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Why is it important to distinguish adenoid hypertrophy from adenoiditis? It is very important for mothers to distinguish between these two pathologies, for what? With adenoiditis, when the nasopharyngeal tonsil becomes inflamed several times, many doctors recommend that parents remove it, but this can be successfully treated with conservative methods.

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Signs, symptoms of adenoids in children. But when there is a hypertrophy of the nasopharyngeal tonsil to a significant (third) degree, which is not amenable to conservative treatment and causes complications, this pathology should most often be treated surgically.

Symptoms of adenoids in children - hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil. Persistent violation of breathing through the nose, persistent runny nose, nasal discharge of a serous nature, the child constantly or periodically breathes through the mouth.

The child most often sleeps with an open mouth, sleep becomes restless, with chpapom, puffing, with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome - holding the breath during sleep. Therefore, children can often have nightmares, due to the retraction of the root of the tongue, attacks of suffocation may occur.

Due to the proliferation of the tonsils, breathing problems are aggravated, since congestive hyperemia of the nearby soft tissues occurs - the soft palate, the posterior palatine arches, the nasal mucosa. Therefore, chronic rhinitis and frequent coughing develop due to the drainage of mucus from the nose along the back wall of the nasopharynx.

Frequent inflammation of the paranasal sinuses - sinusitis, as well as tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. The appearance of an adenoid type of face, that is, a violation of mobic pills of the facial skeleton - an indifferent expression appears, a constantly open mouth. In cases of prolonged course of the disease, the lower jaw lengthens and becomes narrow, and the bite is also disturbed.

There are frequent inflammations of the hearing organs - otitis media, hearing impairment, since the openings of the auditory tubes are blocked by overgrown adenoids. The appearance of violations in the timbre of the voice, it becomes nasal. Violation of meloxicam generic online occurs when the adenoids become large enough.

The proliferation of adenoid tissue gradually affects the breathing mechanism, since breathing through the mouth is somewhat shallow, and nasal breathing is deeper, then prolonged breathing through the mouth gradually leads to insufficient ventilation of the lungs and oxygen starvation, brain hypoxia.

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Therefore, the child's memory and mental abilities often decrease, attention is scattered, unmotivated fatigue, drowsiness, and irritability appear. Children complain of recurrent headaches, do poorly at school.

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